THE YEAR IS 1991 ...

The world is experiencing times of change, technology is growing and the Internet is finally reaching a massive crowd. In the last decade the movie franchise Stellar Battle took the world by storm, creating fans in every corner of the world. Now the net helps conspiracy theorist spread his ideas about the movie timeline and hidden messages in the script.


Your name is Diego, a comic-book store owner from southern Argentina who believes in this theories and dreams to one day meet his platonic love the real Princess Lanor. Until one day the opportunity comes knocking down the ┬┐plumbing?, now you have the chance to save the Princess and help the rebellion into his battle against the evil Stellar Armada.


  • 2D RETRO-STYLE POINT-AND-CLICK ADVENTURE - Travel back to the 80s in this faithfull reproduction of the adventure games from that decade.
  • 16 COLOR PALETTE - Enjoy the artwork done in the same 16 color palette used in games like Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken.
  • 9VERBS UI - Allow yourself to relive the experience of the mythical 9verbs UI in point-and-clicks adventure games.
  • FUN PUZZLE DESIGN - Enjoy a fun-oriented puzzle design derive from lightweight storyline.

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